Ya Kidding, Right?!

For those who don’t know, I am a math teacher at a high school. I enjoy my time in the classroom and having conversations with my students. Some have even trusted me with information that’s personal to them. Well, one of my students confided in me about something that is still very much bothers me. 

One of my students are getting bullied verbally for many reasons. One that sticks close to home is her natural hair. She appears to have 4C hair and some students don’t understand why she does her hair the way she does. She does many styles without edge control, which is not a bad thing… but it is to her peers. What bothers me the most is the fact that the ones who are bullying her are black young ladies (like me and her). The good thing is that she’s confident in herself and loves her self; so self-confidence isn’t an issue! However, what does bother her is the bullying. I told her my thought (without being biased) and the course of action she should take. I hope it changes soon. 

Our conversation that day still bothers me and it’s only been a week. I still can’t get over the fact that young people still get bullied. Moreover, young black girls get bullied by other black girls. Nevertheless, I did come up with two reasons that could possibly be the culprit.

We are living in a Natural Hair Movement of empowerment and we encourage many women to go natural. I think some black girls want and desire to have natural hair, but they want the “pretty/good” kind of natural hair. Ya know… the kind with curly curly hair (3 type) versus the coily/kinky hair with “really nappy roots” (4 type) even though it doesn’t naturally grow on their head… but here’s my issue:


It may be due to what the media portrays or what they look at on YouTube. I wish I would tell them all to love and embrace YOU and what you got. There’s only one you, so don’t be a copy. God gave you your hair for a reason; so love on it. 

Another reason I could think of is that black girls (not all) were conditioned at a young age that their hair is too kinky and nappy and you can’t put a comb through it. Therefore, mothers immediately go for the relaxer box in order to make it easier to manage. I’m sure there’s more to it, but that’s all I got outta this *shrugs* I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a mother wanting to give their child a relaxer because they’re the ones who are taking care of their daughter’s hair… but here’s my issue:

We take away the opportunity for them to see their natural roots. Many people don’t realize that their hair is going to be tangled sometimes, appearing to people as “nappy”. It’s suppose to be crazy big sometimes. It’s suppose to stand out and give a young black girl confidence. Our texture of hair is very unique and I wish I knew that growing up… but I don’t dwell on that thought because I do now 😁 Giving my hair the big chop 12/2/2014 was one of the best things I’ve ever done because I discovered more of the beauty in my face and in my skin. I also noticed my eyes and how they’re shaped.

I was blessed with a mother who told me (since I was born) that I was beautiful. So you couldn’t tell me anything… and honestly… ya still can’t *shrugs*. Unfortunately, many young black girls get picked on about their natural hair on a daily basis. Many have zero confidence in themselves.

It hurts to hear that many women and young girls didn’t have that discovery like I did a while ago. Where is the love? The uplift? For once in my life I now have an understanding of what many refer to as the Natural Hair Movement. It really is a movement.

Oh and another thing: Punishing girls due to their hairstyle doesn’t help a young girl’s confidence AT ALL. It deprives them of their learning. Saying their hair is “out of uniform” baffles me… especially when it’s from my own people, whether in the code of conduct or not. But hey, what do I know? *begins to sip that good Oolong tea*

Everyone is entitled make a choice for themselves: either natural hair or nah. I’m biased about natural hair and I’ll always tell someone to try it for themselves. If they chose to stick to what they know, I’m not gonna hate them. I’ll always try to encourage people to love and appreciate their God-given features and body parts. 

Natural Girls Rock. My Black is Beautiful. Black Girls Rock. Team Nappy Roots is what I choose *tosses mic to the next queen* Let’s uplift our young princesses who will become queens someday.

That’s all 😊 Take care!
~ Live Laugh Love~ 

Spring Break Huh

I never had the typical Spring Break.

Ya know… things like went to “Spring Break” cities, such as Florida. I was always at home catching up on sleep. After a long winter of school teaching, this spring break was no different. Yea, I know. Shocking (I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible). Here’s what I did.

Day 1 (Sunday) – I went to church, took nap (which is rare) and watched tv.

Day 2 (Monday) – I did laundry and some Spring cleaning. Then I got out of the house and got something to eat.

Day 3 (Tuesday) – Eh. Nothing really, just crocheted and took a morning nap!

Day 4 (Wednesday) – I did more laziness and went to Bible study.

Day 5 (Thursday) – I tutored, did more laziness

Day 6 (Friday) – I took a day trip to Indianapolis with my mom. Which was nice.

Day 7 (Saturday) – Did some work (Ugh, which was a struggle) and watched Charmed reruns on Netflix.

Oh yea, my Spring Break was a real “hoot.” Some may think this was a really boring. However, I thought about this and realize that I wouldn’t have it any other way. The thought of going somewhere for a short period of time just to come back to normal seems sad to me. If I want to go out of town, I don’t want to return to work. It might sound crazy to many people, but I’m serious.

One day, I will travel without the woes of coming back to work… even if it’s something I love to do. In this case, it would be best that I do all of my traveling in the summer time. I wouldn’t have to worry about coming back to work… yet 🙂


Did I like my Spring Break? Yea, it was alright.

~Live Laugh Love~

Betrayal and a Memoir

I have read (and finished) 5 books so far this year, one of which is my first non-fiction audio book.


Pippa DaCosta
Science Fiction
Warning: This book was a movie, I would say this is not suitable for kids under the age of 18.

This book entails an ex-con-turned-captain, named Caleb Shepperd, who lives a prosperous life on the wrong side of the law. He soon learns that he cannot hide from his past and wrong doing. The book begins with Shepperd holding illegal cargo around on his ship. Additionally, a “synthetic” human being, named One Thousand and One, stows away on his ship and was ordered to kill him. That’s when the adventure begins.

What can I say about the book? I loved it! From beginning to end, it was one of those books I wouldn’t put down. That’s how I feel about any good fiction book. However, I haven’t paid any attention to science fiction novels until recently. (I know, I know… shame on me!)

I think Pippa DaCosta did an amazing job portraying each character. The book stayed true to its name – Lots of betrayal! No one was safe. I wish I would have know what happened to two of the characters (I won’t say who it is). I thought they were mysteriously irrelevant. Like, they weren’t important anymore and I thought they played an important role. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I will warn you that the book will end with a cliff hanger because it’s the first installment of a series (which I didn’t know about). Since it’s a series I do plan on reading the 2nd book, bought and ready to go.

IF you wanted to look at her Website, here it is right… here

Grade: 4.5 Stars!

Trevor Noah


This book entails the life of comedian Trevor Noah and how he was born and raised in South Africa. It has very detailed description from when he was born all the way up to now.

I have listened to audio books before. One was on a cassette tape from a fast-food restaurant (Chic-fil-A maybe?) and then I have a CD from years ago. That should tell you the last time I listened to stories. Therefore, I’ll say that this was my first adult, non-fiction audio book.

I listened to it on my way to and from work (since I have a long commute). This book proved to me once again that Non-Fiction books don’t have to be boring… ha! I was funny, informational, and addicting. I didn’t want to stop listening to it because I wanted to know what happened next. Noah did an amazing job reading the book, and I was able to imagine all of the scenes mentioned in the book.

Surprisingly, I was able to catch a few nuggets from this book:

  • One of the things he mentioned in his book was that Americans are born in the  ghetto they look for ways to leave (which I kind of agree with). In the town he was born in, on the other hand, they can’t see themselves leaving; so they want to transform it. Even though I believe in going beyond your “box” of comfort, I don’t see anything wrong with finding ways to positively transform your neighborhood to make it better.
  • Every race of people have a “Hitler” that they despise and hate. Therefore, we can’t always relate to the struggle of what each race is going through.
  • Black History taught in South Africa in school is just as bad as it is in America – Not a lot being taught. (Or at least when Noah was growing up. I’m not sure how it is now). It was argued that teachers could possibly be afraid to teach it. Hmmm…

My only con was that the book went back and forth sometimes (from one age to another, and back again) in terms of the chapters, which made me a bit confused. Nevertheless, this was one the few non-fiction books that had my attention from beginning to end… and I do mean very few! I wouldn’t mind reading it again.

Grade: 5 stars!

Check out his website right… … … here!

Well, take care!
~Live Laugh Love~


Out of This World

Short Blog | My nails from last week lasted a whole 7 days; minimal chipping along the edges, which was expected. I went to a concert last night, so I wanted to switch them up to look cute 🙂

These are my nails of the week! The main polish I used was “Out of This World” by Sinful Colors. For my accent nails I used “Shine For Me” by OPI and I used a simple, white striper. I love this polish! It took three coats to get it somewhat opaque, but I still think it’s cute.

~Live Laugh Love~

Nails of the Week

Short Blog.

I haven’t done this one in a while! Here are my nails of the week.

Featured nail polishes in this blog are Sinful Colors “Slay Grey” from Kylie Jenner’s collection and “Tapping Nails” 😍 I love these two colors, especially together.

Hopefully these lasts a while… at least until Thursday, and then I’ll change it up again.

~Live Laugh Love~

Thank You | Book Overload

It’s February! Where did the time go?! The super bowl is tomorrow!

To my subscribers, thank you. I don’t take it lightly that people want to read my blogs. Lately it’s been work, stuff outside of work, church, repeat. Nothing different 🙂 I have some blog posts in mind, such as my movie experience with Hidden Figures. I’m not sure if the blog would be too late or not. Nevertheless, I may still blog about it in a separate blog because I have A LOT to say.

In this blog I have decided to tell you all my current reads for 2017. Now, don’t be alarmed by my list. 90% of them are from last year, some are taking longer than others, some are slower than others, some I kind of lost interest in and pick it back up when I have regained my interest *begins to tip tea*. All my current reads are set between pretty good to absolutely great.

  • Altar Ego – Craig Groeshel (It’s a non-fiction, Christian-based book and I am a fan of this author. This was a Christmas present from Christmas 2015 and I didn’t start reading it until January 2016. It’s taking a while to read it. A long while. Like a whole year while literally. I plan to finish this one in a few days!)
  • Always Watching – Lynette Eason (Fiction)
  • Nowhere to Turn – Lynette Eason (Fiction)
  • Wedding Chocolate  – Adrianne Byrd (2 in 1 fiction book)
  • My Life With Earth, Wind, and Fire – Herb Powell & Maurice White (Non-Fiction)

I know, I know. That’s a lot. I start books and don’t find time to finish them. Non-Fiction will always take longer to read because it’s hard to stay interested sometimes *lol* I prefer to feed my imagination. However, I must finish what I’ve started!

How do I manage to take time to read a book in this day and time? I don’t *lol* I’m a work in progress! Therefore, I am determined to read at least one chapter per day.

Since my life is super busy, I decided to try something new… purchase a subscription to Amazon’s Audible books. So far, I’m listening to Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile and Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Born a Crime has been addicting to listen to and just started listening to it Wednesday or Thursday. I think I may finish it before Queen Sugar…

I have my work cut out for me, but I LOVE to read! It gives my mind a break to read something silly.

Book review coming soon (Kinda rhymed)

Take care!
~Live Laugh Love~


26 Things to do the Year I Turn 26

I would recommend this to anybody that ask me. It’s not just a way to set goals, rather a way to explore things that define “Live Laugh Love”

I’ve learn that life is way too short for me to just do the same ‘ole thing every day. I’ve gotta make life a learning experience as well as a fun one.

I was inspired by a blog two years ago to do this for myself and I’m trying it again. If you saw my previous post from yesterday (which was last year… sorry… I couldn’t resist 😆), I wasn’t able to complete all of my task on the list… and that’s okay! They made the list for this year. Here’s mine for this year. I wanted to decorate it a little bit 😊 [Based on the picture, you’ll be able to see most of it.]

Go for it! Try it! I’m not limited to this list by the way…

Alright, that’s all. Take care. Happy New Year!

~Live Laugh Love~