A Blacklights Kind of Weekend

So my weekend has been eventful! I babysat some wonderful children yesterday. It’s not my first time babysitting, but my first time babysitting them.

Then I went to Target… Have you had that moment where you told yourself to get only one thing from Target, and you did? Yeah, I didn’t either and never do *LOL*. I got some cotton pads… along with an orange Polish from the Sally Hansen limited edition Crayola collection, the new TLC album (LOVE LOVE LOVE btw), the new Lays Poppables (haven’t tried it yet), a cute coffee mug (tea for me), and Insta-Dri polish. 

Then I went bowling with some friends, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I had to leave early, but I left with a nice score of 116 points 🙂 

All of this happened yesterday btw!

Right now, I’m currently working on a dress that I found on Instagram at like 1 o’clock in the morning.

I looked through her page and her products are beautiful! According to her post, this pattern is free. Head over to her page and see!

I think it’s so cute and I wanted to try and make it in Blacklight from Red Heart Yarn!

I’ll let you all know how it turn out 😉

After this, I’ll be heading to a birthday party. This has been an eventful weekend so far and one of the best summers in a long time 🙂

~Live Laugh Love~

Is it Okay to Explore a Foreign City Alone? | Vegas Blog Pt. 2

I am an introvert at heart, so being alone is second nature to me. Doing things on my own has been a unintentional goal of mine and my mom even tells me I’ve always been a little independent. Therefore, I knew that I would be spending a lot of time alone before going on my trip to Vegaswhich was completely okay with me. So I explored while my cousins were at work, and I hung out with them when they were free. Some (not all) of my discoveries in that post were based on things that I went to by myself as well as references of my family and friends. I even went as far as to travel to and from Vegas myself by plane as well as booked my own flights, which are things I’ve never done before. I wanted to see if I can really do it, ya know. I wanted to get out of my little bubble and do it for me. This blog post will be an extension to my previous post about my trip to Vegas.

This year has been a very emotional roller coaster of events. On one hand, I haven’t traveled this much in my life – Cincinnati, Detroit, Atlanta, the Newport Levee, Vegas, and (soon-to-be) Chicago – which are all good things. My dream is to travel a lot one day. On the other hand, there were also some devastating events that made me feel like I’m in a plateau. For example, a minor one would be the whole week of my birthday sucked. And I mean really sucked, which is nothing new because I’d be lucky when my birthday turns out to be a good one. I won’t mention why to prevent creating a pity party.

Somewhere far away from home felt like something I needed, something to look forward to, and something to take my mind off of the upsetting moments. With that being said, I decided to go to a place that was not on my list of places to see one day: a city in Nevada called “The Meadow”… or formally called Las Vegas by the Spanish.

When I was alone in Vegas I felt like an explorer. I wanted to do a whole bunch of stuff without people telling me what I can/can’t do. I felt… free… yea that’s a good word for it.


Many people would have thought it would be weird, but I didn’t really care. I got to do things that were completely out of my comfort zone, like getting on a tour bus to go to the south rim of The Grand Canyon from Vegas to Arizona and back. Additionally, I still met some people from different parts of the world even though I was alone. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not go out walking The Strip or go to a club alone at night! I’m a little paranoid to do that at home; so I wasn’t going to change that habit. Even though I wanted to go to a club in Vegas, I chose not to. It was my choice and I don’t regret it.

Based on some of my time alone traveling and exploring Vegas, hear are some things I kept in mind:

1. You have the freedom to do whatever you want. Even though it’s always great and exciting to go on a vacay with your girls/homies/friends/family/etc., it’s a wonderful thing to make your own plans. You can go wherever you want and come home whenever you want. It’s all up to you.

2. It’s okay to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Remember, I am an introvert; so this was big for me! I met people from Toronto (Canada), the DMV area, and Memphis (TN). You don’t have to talk about your life’s story. Small talk is always okay 🙂

3. Unless you’re going to a show, you are on time to everythingThink about it…

4. Be vigilant. I always thought this would be different for men than women due to the stereotypes (e.g., women can’t protect themselves, men can protect themselves better, women are weak, etc.); however, vigilance is bliss regardless of how well you can protect yourself. You may be alone on your vacation, but that doesn’t mean people won’t take advantage of it. Based on what you wear as a woman, I think that can determine (unfortunately) how people will notice you. For example, I didn’t want to dress in skin-tight clothes while being alone in a city I did not know about… unless I was trying to find someone… KIDDING 😀
Fortunately, I never experienced that when I was in Vegas. I was always in a crowd, never looking as if I’m walking alone. Luckily, I ran into people that invited me to sit with them or hang out with them, and I never had that intuition to say no. My dad and papa always told me to never leave my drink on the table, and to get a new one if I do. Additionally, I chose not to out at night on my own because being alone in public at night doesn’t seem safe to me no matter where I am. I was also told to be aware of people on The Strip at night anyway; so I stayed in and watched YouTube and movies until I fell asleep. Now this doesn’t mean you are restricted to only do certain things. This just mean you need to be careful, especially if you plan on going out at night alone. Again, it’s your choice, you’re freedom 🙂

Is it okay to travel to and explore a foreign city alone? Yes… I think so 🙂 One day I want to travel to a place where I don’t know anyone, just to see if I can do it. It won’t be in the near future, but it’s on my bucket list. If my mother can do it, then so can I.

~Live Laugh Love~


Hopes For My Blog | Day 30

Today is the last day of my blog challenge. I am proud to say that I have finished it! Now don’t get me wrong, I had a few missed days. But I made them all up 🙂 

I hope to remain consistent with this blog and post regularly. I’m not sure about daily blogs, but I wanna be able to blog weekly. I also hope to inspire someone or at least make them laugh with each post. 

This blog challenge helped me to develop some ideas. This also challenged me to be more consistent and that it’s okay to be transparent sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed my blogs this month! Tomorrow is July, second half of the year. See you in July 😉

~Live Laugh Love~

A Confession | Day 29

I don’t know how I feel about this prompt. Do they want people to cry or something?! However, I always thought of blogging as a way to vent.

It feels… freeing. So here goes… my confession.

I resigned from my job as a math teacher. Yes, it was my first year of teaching. I loved my students regardless of their behavior sometimes, and I enjoyed working with (and interacting with) my co-workers. I enjoyed the environment and having the backing of the central office (some board members) in regards to what could work for me, and it helped. It was a rough first year, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. However, I didn’t feel like I didn’t have any support from my supervisor or administration… which meant that I would be walking on egg shells every single time I set foot into my job. Unfortunately, the board couldn’t do anything about it.

I won’t go into all of the details, but just know that it hurts still.

But I won’t let it get to me… or at least try not to. I’m in the process of trying to find another job, but it’s been hard. People assume that finding a job as a math teacher is super easy… I would like for them to define “easy”. I think it’s only easy when you have years of experience. *insert sarcasm here* It doesn’t matter if I have two degrees and a year of experience under my belt.

I think the fact that I look young for my age already puts me at a disadvantage. They already have in their minds that “this girl is young and won’t know what she’s talking about” no matter how good I am in an interview. I think that’s why I don’t hear back from employers who are hiring.

I hope you don’t take this post the wrong way and assume that I want a pity party. I don’t. I simply wanted to vent what I’ve been holding in for a while now. It gets tiring when you have to put on a mask when people ask me about work all the time. I’d tell them that it’s going okay… technically I still work for them because my contract is not up yet. 

Those who are close to me know the fully detailed truth, more than this blog post. I’m trying to stay encouraged, in hopes that I find one soon.

30-Day June Challenge

~Live Laugh Love~

My Most Embarrassing Moment | Day 28

I didn’t post this yesterday because I couldn’t think of one right away; so I decided to wait awhile to think of one. Before I knew it, it was the next day *shrugs* Nevertheless, I do have one… it’s short…

I love to day dream. It keeps me from facing the reality that life can be tough on me for no reason. I was in the 7th grade when I… let’s say that I may not have had my day dreaming under control. Next thing that I know there were kids looking at me, bursting into laughter because I was making faces apparently. (Weird, I know. I still don’t believe it either.) I tried to brush it off like it never happened; but when you have those same classmates the following day in another class, they want to talk about it some more.

Even now it sounds embarrassing.

Yea I got picked on a lot in school when I was a kid, verbally not physically. (Words can hurt just as bad as a physical altercation.) I was different and I was okay with that. I had a small circle of friends, and I still do. It made me to be the woman that I am today: unashamed and unphased. I don’t take bullying from anyone, nor do I allowed it.

30-Day June Challenge

~Live Laugh Love~

What’s in my Closet? | Day 27

Today’s blog post is about what’s in my closet…

There is a LOT of stuff in my closet *lol*

Clothes, shoes, one large crate filled with books, a smaller crate filled with books, finished crochet products, nick nacks… yea a lot of stuff 🙂

30-Day June Challenge

~Live Laugh Love~